Thursday Thankfulness Throwback


Once upon a time I had a different blog in which I’m sure I personally coined the phrase “Thursday Thankfulness” (or maybe not) where I wrote about all the things I was thankful for that week and then posted it every Thursday.

Since this is Thanksgiving month and Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, my less-than-stellar imagination did not have to break much of a sweat to come up with a post idea this week. I’m resurrecting Thursday Thankfulness just for this week before Thanksgiving!

Everyone who has spent any time around me knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It was my mom’s favorite holiday, too, and the memories of Thanksgiving week over the past several years will go down in the archives as some of my all-time favorite remembrances.

I have written about doing the week’s worth of grocery shopping with my mom starting at least 2 weeks before the holiday, and making at least 2 trips to Walmart over the course of those 2 weeks, and marking off the items on her list as she put them in the cart, and trying to organize the list so we didn’t have to go back down too many aisles more than once, and keeping the cart out of other people’s way as she read labels and pondered how many cans of green beans we needed that year, and maybe going back to the cart corral to grab another cart, and how the bread better not be squished because my mom turned into a different person if the bread was squished, and the tears always flow as I relive those treasured times.

And I have written about all the activities that go on during the week with my out-of-town sister and brother and their families who all come up and spend the better part of a week at The Farm, which is the loving name we’ve bestowed on my parent’s country home even though it’s not a real farm. There’s smoking the turkey, lots of kitchen activity with everyone picking a side dish and grabbing a partner and putting it together (including the guys and kids since my sister and I became the main 2 cooks a few years ago!), a bonfire every night, 4-wheeling through the open fields and winding around through the trees and pond, card games and jigsaw puzzles, skeet shooting, target shooting, the pool table, and more.

And I have written about how emotional this holiday has been for me every year since losing my mom in 2012. While the rest of the family was involved in all the various activities, Mom and I were usually at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee having discussion after discussion about topic after topic. Even after losing her and missing her terribly each Thanksgiving for the past 6 years, with all the happy memories surrounding the season, it is still my favorite holiday of the year.

So since I have written about it all many times before, I won’t talk about any of that this year.


*Blank stare*

This year, I will simply praise God for His creation of family. In the first and second chapters of Genesis, He instituted the family unit and what an ingenious idea that was.

Between my parents, siblings, in-laws, children, niece and nephews, and the recent additions of our new grandchild and her sweet mama, we’ve had our ups and downs, agreements and disagreements, dysfunction and semi-normal-function, laughter and tears. At various times, we’ve all had sickness and health, poverty and wealth.

And we keep coming back, year after year, for more. Together.

Thank You, Amazing God, for creating FAMILY.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

The Beauty In This Day

The beauty of this day cannot be ignored.

The picture above is Doug is outside sawing up the lightening-destroyed tree for firewood. I am inside working at the computer watching the scene and watching the leaves float gently from the trees surrounding our home. The beauty of the falling leaves ebbs and flows with every gust of wind. I can hardly stand the way it all fills my senses.

I thank God today for the changing seasons. What a loving thing for Him to create as He was creating the universe and us and setting our world in motion. I can’t imagine it was an afterthought to Him. I believe He created the seasons very specifically knowing they would bring us pleasure.

If you can’t see the beauty of the changing seasons today because of heavy weights in your heart, I understand that, too. I spent a long time not able to comprehend the beauty around me because of heavy clouds that always seemed to be hanging overhead.

The words “God loves you” and “I’m praying for you” may seem trite and meaningless when burdens are too heavy to bear one more day, but that does not mean they are not true. He does love you and I would love to pray for you. Actually I am praying for many of you today.

Your clouds won’t last forever. He sees. He loves. He cares. He answers prayers.
It’s true.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

Dreaming Small


Am I the only one who sometimes wonders if I’m dreaming too small? After all, the world tells me to DREAM BIG, so how can I live up to my full potential if I don’t? I mean, there’s a great big world out there just waiting for everything I have to offer! I need to expand my horizons! Take the leap! God’s vision for my life is LARGE, not small! Go big or go home!!


I usually just dream of the next time I’ll be able to stay home alone with my own thoughts. I am not energized by a packed to-do list, and Type A people can exhaust me pretty quickly when there’s a project we’re working on together.

So what am I supposed to do? There’s a world out there that needs Jesus!

I don’t really believe I’m dreaming small. I believe I’m just being intentional. Relational. Slowing down enough to connect. Truly, I don’t consider it out of the realm of my calling to listen to just one person. Touch the heart of one person. Help change the course of one person’s life. Make one person think about things differently. Show one person they do have hope – Jesus.

Some have been created to minister to the masses. Some have been created to minister to individual hearts one, or a few, at a time. To crave a deeper connection. To listen and hear and respond to someone reaching out who may feel invisible or unnoticed and who simply needs to be heard and validated. To walk alongside. Be a friend. A mentor. To have the necessary time to teach one heart a new way to see things.

Embrace your uniqueness and your God-given identity. We’re all necessary in God’s Kingdom to do His Kingdom work and show others the way to hope.

I’ll pray for you as you work to do the big and brave things you are called to do. Please pray for me as I reach out to make connection with maybe just one.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

Christian Friends – What Is Our Motivation?

I’ve been thinking so much lately about why we take up the positions we do. We say we do it out of love for our fellow man but do we need to spend some time pondering if that is really true?

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39

When we say we want immigrants to be welcomed into our country, are we truly saying it because we have the desire to see them loved into the Kingdom of God? Do we spend more time
in anguish over the persecuted church than we do for the persecuted worldwide? If we love God with our whole hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves, doesn’t it stand to reason we should desire for all to know Him as we know Him? Are we spending time in prayer not only asking God to cover them with His protective hand, but also to provide safe places once they are in our country to learn about Him and come to know Him as the beautiful Savior they have never even heard about?

Or are we mostly reacting to an administration that is making us angry?

When we say we should be taking care of veterans and the homeless in our country, are we truly interested in their plight? So many of these men and women feel nothing but hopelessness. Do we pray for them to have someone come alongside them and love them into the Kingdom of God? Do we feel the call to do something for them ourselves? Have we ever called a shelter and asked what tangible thing we can do?

Or are we mostly just reacting in angry opposition to the immigration situation?

When we say we are pro-life and pro-woman, are we truly concerned about the whole situation surrounding a woman’s circumstances, including loving her and her child into the Kingdom of God? Again, shouldn’t we desire her to know Him as we know Him? Are we praying for each woman in a crisis pregnancy situation to come to a full revelation of God’s love for her and her child? Are we praying for loving support and mentors to walk with her along her journey? Are we considering how we may be of service to those women ourselves?

Or are we mostly just angry at Planned Parenthood?

Of course, we can’t be all things to all people. But there is always something we can do to be of service to God’s Kingdom in our own little corner of the world. Whether we have time or means to offer our physical services or financial support, how much time do we spend in prayer for the persecuted and the hurting? How much time do we spend visualizing individuals that Christ loves and desires relationship with rather than simply people groups? How much time do we truly spend loving as Christ loves us?

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” II Corinthians 4:5-6

Admittedly, the main reason this has been on my mind so much lately is that I am asking myself these same questions.

Why exactly am I supporting the causes I feel drawn to support? Is it reactionary anger? Or is it Christ’s love within me?

Am I spending time in intercessory prayer for our hurting world? Or am I plotting my next social media meme in my head (because I would never actually post it)?

One of my favorite songs for many years has been Touch Through Me. I loved hearing a friend sing it in church several times back when I was young and it has stayed with me throughout the years. It speaks to my soul every time I hum it because nobody wants to hear me sing.

Touch through me, Holy Spirit, touch through me,
Let my hands reach out to others, touch through me;
There’s a lonely soul somewhere needing just one friend to care,
Touch through me, Holy Spirit, touch through me.

Love through me, Holy Spirit, love through me,
I will be my brother’s keeper, love through me;
Hearts are bleeding deep inside, love can dry the weeping eye,
Love through me, Holy Spirit, love through me.

Flow through me, Holy Spirit, flow through me,
Like a river in the desert, flow through me;
Springing power and healing strength, living water pure and clean,
Flow through me, Holy Spirit, flow through me.

My hands will be your hands reaching out to others,
My lips will not be slothful, Lord, to speak;
I will be that good Samaritan to someone else in need,
I will be your house to dwell in, live through me.

Flow through me, Holy Spirit, flow through me,
Holy Spirit, touch through me,
Holy Spirit, touch through me.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

We ALL Have Hands To Serve

The name of my blog is My Hands To Serve. My purpose for this blog is to encourage all of us, myself included, to look for opportunities to be of service to those who cross our paths, whether on a daily basis as with our families, as a specific ministry we devote regular time to, or periodically as we simply go about our lives and come across those who may need to see and hear about the hope we have through Jesus.

I have not been terribly consistent with that focus due to various reasons, namely that I just have not spent as much time blogging as I would like and also due to not really knowing the full extent of my own calling for service and being a little embarrassed about it seeing as I am too old to be this ignorant.

I have read 2 different books in the past week that highlight different avenues regarding service toward others.

The first book was Falling Free by Shannan Martin. I loved the author’s humorous and passionate writing style. Her admissions of faults and weaknesses were refreshing to someone like me who enjoys knowing I am not alone in the faults and weaknesses department. It was not so much a teaching tool, but more a book about how her family does life. However, I spent a good portion of my time reading it feeling terribly guilty that I am not doing more. I mean, they adopted children of various races, they lost high-paying jobs and moved from their dream farmhouse to a smaller home in the city, hubby became a jail chaplain, they have taken in various teens who needed a place to stay, they do life with those that would be considered outcasts, and a whole host of exhausting activities that would send me straight to a quiet corner that I would never want to leave.

The second book was Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World by Karen Ehman. This book was written in a more upbeat and straight-forward teaching style by a woman who is an admitted extrovert and social butterfly and whose spiritual gifts are encouragement and hospitality. It was a perfectly wonderful book and I can see where it would be a beautiful inspiration to someone who lives to light up a room with cookies, casseroles, gifts, and the presence of Jesus. I am not that person and have to admit that, with my personality, I was even more intimidated by this book than the first one. I am positive it was not either author’s intention to intimidate anyone and I take sole responsibility for my own reactions.

Two of my favorite writers are Kristen Welch and Ann Voskamp.

Kristen was just a regular mom and blogger who went on a mission trip with Compassion International a few years ago to blog her experience and came back to the states with her life forever wrecked by what she saw. She founded The Mercy House, a maternity home for young pregnant girls who have been rescued from poverty and hopelessness in Kenya, and she now also oversees other ministries as well, helping impoverished women around the world gain dignity and know their worth by starting small businesses to support their families. As if that’s not enough, she has also recently opened a physical store in south Texas selling many of those hand-made items from around the world to continue to help support and give hope to women who are learning daily about our wonderful God.

Ann went on that same mission trip with Compassion International and has worked since that time in various capacities with Kristen for The Mercy House as well as in her own life adopting a sweet daughter from China and sponsoring an immigrant family to begin a new life in Canada where she lives. She rocks my world every day with her poetic writing style and uncanny ability to speak right into my soul with her words. I am sure there are many more contributions that both of these women have made to God’s Kingdom than I even know to write about.

Talk about feeling small and insignificant out here in the backwoods of rural Oklahoma where I live my regular life and fall into bed exhausted at night because I work 2 part-time jobs.

My purpose for highlighting these 4 inspirational, yet very different women, is to try and convince myself that it is okay for my calling to service to look different than their callings. They are all doing wonderful things to further the Kingdom of God on this earth. But they are all doing very different things according to their own specific God-given talents and giftings.

Right this very second, I need to get up from this laptop and go make supper. I don’t want to. Cooking is not my spiritual gift. I would rather sit here and write, even though it has already taken me approximately 2 hours to get this far on this post. I am not a speedy writer nor a profound one. But I do enjoy it and, although it has taken me a while to get this far, I am excited that this post is beginning to take shape and to see what it has become since I really had very little idea what it would look like when I sat down and stared at a blank screen 2 hours ago. The thrill of a blog post that begins as a mere idea and morphs into over 1,000 words in a span of a couple of hours or so exhilarates me.

However, believe it or not, while I don’t enjoy cooking, in the past I have enjoyed working in our local soup kitchen during our church’s rotation every few months. Prep work, ladling soup, handing out sandwiches, filling cups with ice and tea and water, cutting cake. I can do all those things and enjoy them. But please don’t put me in charge of making sure the soup tastes good. I can’t handle the pressure. And neither will I be the one floating around the room engaging the folks in conversation unless I have time for a 3-day nap and solitude for the rest of the week. Rather, I will be the one behind the dessert table handing out cookies and making a mental note of facial expressions while I ask God to give me a heart for intercession.

In all the reading I have done this week, there was one chapter in one of the books that perked me up just a little bit. It was in the book written by the beautiful woman with the hospitality gifting and it was the chapter about The Sick at Heart. What a chapter to have perk you up. It says something about me and my melancholy temperament, for sure. But it helped me realize a little better that, with my own life experiences and my God-given temperament and my love for all things psychology, I do empathize well. Couple that with my enjoyment for writing, and I am now praying for God to open my eyes to see those who may need an encouraging word sent to them via, get this, snail mail. I may be putting myself out there prematurely and if so, I will have to backtrack at some point and admit that maybe I jumped ahead of God for the sake of a blog post. But time will tell. God knows how to back me up and start me over and I plan to be as pliable as I know how to be in allowing Him to do that.

What a lot of words I have written here without much of a point except to try and encourage everyone who reads this post to accept themselves for who God created them to be and to be willing vessels of service through which He can do His Kingdom work here on this earth and show Himself, through us, to all who need to know Him.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

2017 Goals – It’s All In The Scripture

It’s crazy how God reveals things as I type. For instance, I was working on my 750 words today, just toodling along typing words, and ended up with this…

I’ve been thinking about 2017 and whether to make a list of goals, or pick a word, or what. My preference, really, after thinking about all the options over and over and over, per usual, is to choose another “Scripture Goal” as I have in the past. The Scripture that is on my mind lately regarding a goal is “She laughs without fear of the future”. Proverbs 31:25 NLT.

The first Scripture Goal I ever chose, about 15 years ago, was “I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” Philippians 4:11 ESV. Wow. That was definitely, no denying, God-ordained and it stayed my goal for lots and lots of years. Still is, but I have learned so very much over the years about contentment and am so thankful for it.

The second Scripture Goal was from the story of Mary and Martha where Mary chose the “one thing…necessary” – which is to “sit at the Lord’s feet and listen”. Luke 10:38-42 ESV. I am not sure I ever learned that one well, but it stays in the back of my mind and surfaces periodically as something I know I need to concentrate on more than I do. I don’t really know what to do with it at this point, but will continue to keep mindful of it as it comes to the forefront of my thoughts and I’ll see if God has more in mind for me through it. I’m pretty sure He does.

So “She laughs without fear of the future.” That’s an adventurous goal for me because fear tends to overtake me quickly when anxious thoughts about the future rears its ugly head, and true laughter is nowhere to be found during those times. But I long for the days when I can live and laugh without fear of the future. I want to be so saturated with God’s love and presence that fear will have nothing else to do but flee.

I lived for so many years without truly laughing at anything. Some of my Ardmore friends who have been with me since those days of yore might remember. It wasn’t pretty and life was very hard for me for several years. The only laughing during that difficult time was the surface kind that you do because it’s expected from you in the moment and it would be rude not to. I know you know what I mean. But true laughter, where the spirit feels happy and joyous and you just can’t help but laugh? Wasn’t there for a long, long time.

As I started coming out from under the heavy cloud of depression and started, slowly, slowly, laughing again, for real, remembering, ever so slowly, what being happy felt like, it occurred to me what a gift laughter was. A journal entry during those days included these sentences – “Thank You for laughter – the gift of laughter…Your love for me is revealed to me every time I am able to hear myself laugh again.”

What a blessing it was to hear true heart-felt laughter coming from the depths of my spirit again. The picture above is a necklace my daughter gave me as a gift a couple of years ago. She knows how special that verse is to me. God is so good!

But I’m here to tell you, laughing without fear of the future is a tall mountain to climb for someone who tends to look at life from the vantage point of Eeyore. When life throws curve balls, my default coping tools are to curl up in a corner and allow fear to walk right in through a wide-open door. The only way to manage that default mechanism is through, wow, I’ve had an epiphany right this very minute, wait for it, the “one thing…necessary” – which is to “sit at the Lord’s feet and listen”. I think maybe I just discovered I have a dual Scripture goal for 2017.

This is why I write.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

I Should Probably Just Watch Television For A Living

Commit your work

I am considering writing about contentment versus anxiety. This creates anxiety within me.

It is a topic that will require a lot of thought and study and writing and re-writing. It feels like a subject that needs to be written by a seasoned writer, not a novice writer. In the past, when I was spending more time writing and journaling and in the middle of a hard journey regarding contentment, this would have been easier for me. At this juncture, while not spending much time at all on my writing, it feels very heavy. But I know that you eat an elephant one bite at a time, so I will try that approach with this.

Maybe today I will just write about my intention to write about this topic. Exercise my weak writing muscles with some simple warm-ups to begin. I would hate to strain an unused muscle and set myself backwards from the get-go. Right?

My present thoughts are to write maybe a series. Contentment with things. This will be the easiest one to write. Contentment with locations and situations. Is this one too broad? Where you live, where you work, a difficult marriage, a hard place with your kids or extended family members, health. Should health be a separate topic or combined with locations and situations?

See? I’m already overwhelmed.

I think I’ll go open the refrigerator door and stare inside for a while.

I decided to take a bathroom break instead. There’s not much in my fridge anyway.

I’d give anything for a Snickers Ice Cream Bar right now. Maybe I should write about contentment with food. It’s not an issue I struggle too deeply with, though. Should I write about parts of contentment that I don’t struggle too much with or just stick to those areas where I do struggle?

How much should I actually discuss anxiety if the main purpose of the series is contentment?

And then there are the benefits of contentment versus anxiety. Contentment helps me see and hear and know God more fully and clearly. This quells anxiety. Should this be a separate part of the series or discussed at the end of each specific topic? Probably discussed at the end of each specific topic. Did I just manage to make a decision? Well, good for me! I might change my mind later.

I am going to go make myself some green tea now. Did you know that green tea has L-theanine which helps with anxiety? I have found that to be true. Should I write about natural ways to calm anxiety in my contentment series? Or is that a whole nother topic to possibly consider at a later date?

This has been 20 minutes in the life and mind of Paula Brazzell. Welcome to my head.

Green tea, anyone?


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

Parenting Trenches

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everythingin the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.


Having recently gotten our third and final child graduated from high school (yippee!), my heart goes out to young moms who are still deep in the trenches.

I remember the days. The long, long, long days. The tears and loud voices and angry words from my kids…and me.

I see the pain on the faces of moms who just want reassurance that they are doing this parenting thing okay. I see that smile that fades too soon after our polite conversation is over. I can relate to the fears late at night when thoughts won’t shut off as the brain ponders what in the world she’s going to do if her children get hurt or sick or rebellious beyond easy repair.

Of course, the beautiful moments are there also. Those Springtime park days when everyone gets home happy just in time for a long exhausted nap or when those sweet kids are just so darn cute you can’t stand it!

It’s blissful, but it’s not easy. It’s your favorite moments and most fearful moments all mixed up together. It’s breathtaking one minute and slow breathing exercises the next.

Today I want to encourage my young mom friends that God is always there. He’s in every moment as you walk throughout your day. He’s with you in the loud screamy writhing-on-the-floor moments just as much as He’s with you in the blessed teary sweet-sleeping-baby moments.

And I want to also remind you ~ In everything, on the best days and the worst days ~ the words you say, the deeds you do ~ do it all in the name of Jesus. And never forget to give thanks to God for being right there. He never leaves. And when you do forget (which you will unless you’re a WAY better parent than me), there’s always grace.

The tagline on this blog is Running the Race ~ Resting in Grace.

Young mama, while you’re running the beautiful, crazy motherhood race, cut yourself some grace. God does.

And when you remember to keep Him front and center, your reactions in the day-to-day will go more smoothly, and your perspective will err toward the positive.

So in case I haven’t said it enough already ~

The words you say, say them in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

The deeds you do, do them in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

Busy Hands ~ And whatever you do, in word or deed,

Folded Hands ~ do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,

Lifted Hands ~ giving thanks to God the Father through Him.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

Count Others More Significant Than Yourselves. What?


but in humility count others more significantthan yourselves. (1)

My husband processes thoughts externally. I process thoughts internally.

He talks. I think.

So imagine my angst over the past 33 1/2 years as I am constantly (constantly!) having my perfectly organized and single-focused thoughts interrupted by someone who needs to discuss something.


berry trellis

Hey, can you come outside for a minute and look at this?

Sure. (Silent translation: Well, I’m listening to a COMPEL podcast at the moment, but whatever.)

Okay, I’m going to put the blackberry and raspberry bushes here along the back [waves arms] and the strawberries will go along the front in two rows [sweeps hands out across the ground].

Mhm. (Silent translation: Not sure I’m exactly following but sounds good.)

And if we ever need to expand, I can [I am not following the line of thinking at this point.]

Okay, sounds like a good plan. (Silent translation: I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about because my internal vision doesn’t work as well as yours, but I know it’s probably a great idea you’ve got going there.)
But will that interrupt the sunshine for the strawberry plants? (Silent translation: Hey, I had a good thought!)

Hmm, well, [he comes up with some other idea that might work].

Yeah, that could work. (Silent translation: I’m good.)

(More conversation. More conversation. More conversation.)

It’s good for you to be out here with me while I plan these things. It really helps me come up with ideas when I talk them through with you.

Good, I’m glad! (Silent translation: Seriously? It really doesn’t take a lot to make that man happy. So glad I didn’t protest when he asked me to come outside for a minute!)


How often do we put our interests above the interests of others? Take the opportunity this week to put someone else’s interests above your own. In doing so, you “in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3

It goes against the grain, doesn’t it? But putting others above ourselves is a powerful teacher. It teaches us to be humble, caring, and more like Christ.

And isn’t that the goal?

God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

A Little Brainstorming or Maybe Just Rambling

“You don’t have to know if you have what it takes. You just have to know that you will take what you’ve been given and make something of that.” Ann Voskamp

This is my third blog since 2009. My first one was started because I love reading blogs and I enjoy writing my thoughts. We were in a hard financial place and had been for a while. I was in a difficult emotional place and I needed an outlet. My second blog was born a year and a half or so later when I decided I needed to move on up and get away from the freebie blog.

And now here I am today with a new blog, three homeschool graduates, and a  more contented view of life.

And no clue where to start. Ann Voskamp’s words in the opening paragraph are what have me moving forward with it today.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why I’m having such a hard time getting the blog post juices flowing. But it doesn’t seem right to just start posting  healthy recipes or the details of my day without giving some kind of clue to readers about who I am. Much has changed in the past few years, but much has also stayed the same. My outlook on life is in a better place for sure. But our circumstances are still difficult financially. Someday I will post about my “I have learned to be content” years. Actually I am still learning, but what a loving ride it has been as God has taught me how to trust Him even in the midst of our hardships.

So thOffice window pic 3is afternoon I will sit and write and introduce myself a little bit. My writing space is so peaceful and my house is wonderfully quiet. I love this gorgeous view over the top of my computer into my front yard.

When I first began thinking about this blog, oh who am I kidding, I’ve been thinking about blogging again as soon as I stopped blogging for the second time, but when I got my final homeschooler graduated last May and decided I really wanted to get back to it, one of my main goals was to use it as an income producer.

I have been googling and reading and learning how that works and my Type B personality is already hyperventilating. Killer content. Pinterest-worthy images. Awesome blog layout. I’ve never been able to try and keep up with the Joneses without losing a bit of myself in the process. But the good news is a better goal has come into focus. And if I make a bit of income, yay me!

It is safe to say that my passions are healthy eating and skin care. I also have a few years of marriage (33) and parenting (28) and homeschooling (14) under my belt. I have made my fair share of goofs in all of those areas and feel like I have more empathy than advice on most days, but I will do my best to share what I have learned mostly the hard way. It is not lost on me that I am an older-ish woman in a generally younger woman’s world here in the blogosphere and the world needs us to step up and put a loving arm around the next generation of women.

My purpose for this blog, as it is coming into focus, will be to encourage all women as we learn to get our minds off of ourselves and onto those in the circle of influence that God has called us to serve. I will also share healthy recipes, which is a wonderful way to serve those we love. I will encourage all of us to pray for others, another act of beautiful service. And I will remind us all that gratitude is what keeps it all in perspective and allows us to serve without reservation.

Busy Hands. Folded Hands. Lifted Hands.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.