A Purpose

A Purpose. Say that five times fast. To me, it sounds like I’m quoting my grandmother who used to say she was doing something “a’purpose” which meant “on purpose”, of course. What a walk down memory lane I took as I titled this post.

Focus, Paula, focus.

The first few posts on a new blog are tricky because there is no history yet, no one really knows me here, and I have a presence to create that will define to new readers who I am, what I hope to accomplish, and bring them back for more.

So today, I will communicate my purpose for being here which will hopefully encourage you all to continue to come back for more ~ with coffee, or beverage of choice, in hand ~ as we navigate ways, over time, to serve others and our Lord.

I’ve been around for a few years, 55 to be exact, and have run the gamut when it comes to life being all about me as a young bride, life being mostly about me as the mom to young children, and finally learning that life is not about me at all as I’ve moved into the mid-century mark. Oh, I wouldn’t have dreamed about admitting that I wanted life to be all about me, or mostly about me. But seriously, it was. And still is on many days.

So we have to be intentional when we begin talking about serving others. We have to get our minds off of ourselves and onto the ones who we love and who Christ loves. Sometimes we have to get our minds off of ourselves and onto the ones we are aggravated with at the moment.

I have come up with 3 Categories as we discuss our service on this blog. Busy Hands. Folded Hands. Lifted Hands.

Busy Hands are our hands when we are working constructively to provide service to our families and others. Cooking, housework (not my favorite by ANY stretch of the imagination), playing with young children, visiting, hostessing, buying groceries, doing laundry, creating, you get the picture. I will share cooking tips and healthy recipes. Maybe some housekeeping ideas, but that might be better left to the professionals. Grace while raising children and running a household and being a wife. All those areas where we have a tendency to feel unappreciated? I assure you God takes notice and He cares. When we come to the place where we are able to channel our service to others through Him, we can humbly shout Jackpot!

Folded Hands are our hands when we are praying for our families, our friends, our community, our world. Let’s learn to make it a priority to take all of our fears, frustrations and worries straight to the One who cares for us the most. This then frees us take the spotlight off of ourselves to fully and unreservedly intercede for others.

Lifted Hands are our hands when we are simply being grateful and thankful and intimately connected to our Lord. There is no greater gift we can give to God than our thankfulness for all He is in our lives. Yes, we can learn to be content and thankful in all situations. Key Word ~ Learn.

I hope to cover all these areas on a regular basis, and I look forward to getting to know many of you as well as we talk and discuss amongst ourselves in the comments.

God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

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