I Should Probably Just Watch Television For A Living

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I am considering writing about contentment versus anxiety. This creates anxiety within me.

It is a topic that will require a lot of thought and study and writing and re-writing. It feels like a subject that needs to be written by a seasoned writer, not a novice writer. In the past, when I was spending more time writing and journaling and in the middle of a hard journey regarding contentment, this would have been easier for me. At this juncture, while not spending much time at all on my writing, it feels very heavy. But I know that you eat an elephant one bite at a time, so I will try that approach with this.

Maybe today I will just write about my intention to write about this topic. Exercise my weak writing muscles with some simple warm-ups to begin. I would hate to strain an unused muscle and set myself backwards from the get-go. Right?

My present thoughts are to write maybe a series. Contentment with things. This will be the easiest one to write. Contentment with locations and situations. Is this one too broad? Where you live, where you work, a difficult marriage, a hard place with your kids or extended family members, health. Should health be a separate topic or combined with locations and situations?

See? I’m already overwhelmed.

I think I’ll go open the refrigerator door and stare inside for a while.

I decided to take a bathroom break instead. There’s not much in my fridge anyway.

I’d give anything for a Snickers Ice Cream Bar right now. Maybe I should write about contentment with food. It’s not an issue I struggle too deeply with, though. Should I write about parts of contentment that I don’t struggle too much with or just stick to those areas where I do struggle?

How much should I actually discuss anxiety if the main purpose of the series is contentment?

And then there are the benefits of contentment versus anxiety. Contentment helps me see and hear and know God more fully and clearly. This quells anxiety. Should this be a separate part of the series or discussed at the end of each specific topic? Probably discussed at the end of each specific topic. Did I just manage to make a decision? Well, good for me! I might change my mind later.

I am going to go make myself some green tea now. Did you know that green tea has L-theanine which helps with anxiety? I have found that to be true. Should I write about natural ways to calm anxiety in my contentment series? Or is that a whole nother topic to possibly consider at a later date?

This has been 20 minutes in the life and mind of Paula Brazzell. Welcome to my head.

Green tea, anyone?


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

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2 thoughts on “I Should Probably Just Watch Television For A Living

  • June 28, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    One page at a time. Don’t stress over future pages. 🙂

    • June 30, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      Thank you, Rose. I know you’re right!

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