A Little Brainstorming or Maybe Just Rambling

“You don’t have to know if you have what it takes. You just have to know that you will take what you’ve been given and make something of that.” Ann Voskamp

This is my third blog since 2009. My first one was started because I love reading blogs and I enjoy writing my thoughts. We were in a hard financial place and had been for a while. I was in a difficult emotional place and I needed an outlet. My second blog was born a year and a half or so later when I decided I needed to move on up and get away from the freebie blog.

And now here I am today with a new blog, three homeschool graduates, and a  more contented view of life.

And no clue where to start. Ann Voskamp’s words in the opening paragraph are what have me moving forward with it today.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why I’m having such a hard time getting the blog post juices flowing. But it doesn’t seem right to just start posting  healthy recipes or the details of my day without giving some kind of clue to readers about who I am. Much has changed in the past few years, but much has also stayed the same. My outlook on life is in a better place for sure. But our circumstances are still difficult financially. Someday I will post about my “I have learned to be content” years. Actually I am still learning, but what a loving ride it has been as God has taught me how to trust Him even in the midst of our hardships.

So thOffice window pic 3is afternoon I will sit and write and introduce myself a little bit. My writing space is so peaceful and my house is wonderfully quiet. I love this gorgeous view over the top of my computer into my front yard.

When I first began thinking about this blog, oh who am I kidding, I’ve been thinking about blogging again as soon as I stopped blogging for the second time, but when I got my final homeschooler graduated last May and decided I really wanted to get back to it, one of my main goals was to use it as an income producer.

I have been googling and reading and learning how that works and my Type B personality is already hyperventilating. Killer content. Pinterest-worthy images. Awesome blog layout. I’ve never been able to try and keep up with the Joneses without losing a bit of myself in the process. But the good news is a better goal has come into focus. And if I make a bit of income, yay me!

It is safe to say that my passions are healthy eating and skin care. I also have a few years of marriage (33) and parenting (28) and homeschooling (14) under my belt. I have made my fair share of goofs in all of those areas and feel like I have more empathy than advice on most days, but I will do my best to share what I have learned mostly the hard way. It is not lost on me that I am an older-ish woman in a generally younger woman’s world here in the blogosphere and the world needs us to step up and put a loving arm around the next generation of women.

My purpose for this blog, as it is coming into focus, will be to encourage all women as we learn to get our minds off of ourselves and onto those in the circle of influence that God has called us to serve. I will also share healthy recipes, which is a wonderful way to serve those we love. I will encourage all of us to pray for others, another act of beautiful service. And I will remind us all that gratitude is what keeps it all in perspective and allows us to serve without reservation.

Busy Hands. Folded Hands. Lifted Hands.


God has given us all hands ~ hands to serve. Let’s use them to serve Him well.

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